Novel spin-orbit coupling in cold atoms

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主题:Novel spin-orbit coupling in cold atoms

主讲人:Prof. Han Pu

主持人:武海斌 教授

时间:2018.6.27 上午10:00



Han Pu obtained his Ph.D. in physics in 1999 from the Univ. of Rochester. After a postdoc experience at Univ. of Arizona, he joined the faculty of Rice University in 2003, where he is now a professor of physics. He works in the field of theoretical ultracold atomic physics. His current interest includes cold atoms inside optical cavities, low-dimensional quantum gases, and cold atoms with synthetic spin-orbit coupling. He is a fellow of American Physical Society.


It has been widely recognized that cold atomic systems, due to their controlability and tunability, serve as ideal platforms for quantum simulation. In particular, cold atomic systems have been used to simulate, in a very clean manner. toy models that are of great importance in condensed matter systems. On the other hand, cold atoms also offer opportunities that take advantage of their unique properties, such that we can use them to realize models that are essentially impossible to realize using any other systems. In this talk, I will demonstrate this point by using a few examples relevant to synthetic spin-orbit couplingin cold atoms, and show how one can achieve some exotic forms of spin-orbit coupling.