Generation of intense near single-cycle pulses in multiple thin plates

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报告题目:Generation of intense near single-cycle pulses in multiple thin plates


主持人:宫晓春 研究员

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卢志轩,博士后研究员,2017年博士毕业于国立清华大学光电院,师从Andy Kong教授。主要从事超快飞秒光脉冲产生的研究,首创固体薄膜超连续谱展宽压缩技术用以产生2.8fs近单周期飞秒光脉冲,以第一作者身份在Optica, Optics express发表多篇学术论文。


Intense and stable near single-cycle pulses are generated by our novel technique of the multiple plate continuum (MPC). This is achieved by strategically placing several thin solid plates at or near the focused waist of a high-power laser pulse. The thickness of each plate is such that the optical pulse exits the plate before undesirable effects begin to take hold of the pulse. This is the first demonstration of mJ-level supercontinuum synthesis in an all solid-state system. The generated octave-spanning spectra that cover from 420nm to 980 nm at the -20 dB intensity level while converting as much as 64 % of the input pulse energy to the supercontinuum. A shaper-assisted 4-f phase compensator consisting of a grating pair and a spatial light modulator is used to offset the higher-order dispersions and fine-tune the residual spectral phases to produce single-cycle pulses with pulse duration of 2.8 fs. We increased the output efficiency of the near one-cycle pulse by implementing custom-designed chirped mirrors. The continuous spectrum obtained by high-order harmonic (HHG) generation with the compressed pulses serves not only as a second evidence to identify that our pulses are in few-cycle region but also as a good application for the production of an isolated attosecond pulse.