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“Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation”, also named “111 Project” is an innovative talent recruitment program, aiming to raise the overall innovative competence and international influence of Chinese universities by introducing academic masters and scholars from the world-class universities and research institutes.The Talents introducing Base of “Precision spectroscopy and quantum control” was found in 2011 by the “111 project”based in the State Key Lab. of Precision Spectroscopy of ECNU,.

Application requirements

1.Applicants should be from foreign institutions of higher learning or research institutes, and have made outstanding academic achievements in their frontier areas.

2.Applicants need to make one lecture at least during the visit and submit a summary report after the visit.

3.All co-achievements, such as paper, patent, need to sign “Supported by 111 Project”(B12024).

Travel Reimbursement and Accommodation

SKLPS will reimburse round-trip air tickets ,living expenses and accommodation during the visit in Shanghai for invited participants.