Uncovering the Quantum Nature of Light

发布日期: 2018-11-30   作者:  浏览次数: 10

SubjectUncovering the Quantum Nature of Light

SpeakerProf. Werner Vogel

EmceeProf Jietai Jing

Time9:30am, 3rd Dec, 2018

PlaceScience Building A814


We study quantum properties of light, such as nonclassicality, entanglement, and general quantum correlations.We start by introducing the notions of nonclassical and entangled quantum states and identify their origin in the quantum superposition principle. Some examples for experimental reconstructions of quantum states are given. Properties of nonclassical states are discussed with particular emphasis on squeezed states. We introduce a method to visualize the nonclassicality of such quantum states in experiments by direct sampling of the so-called nonclassicality quasi-probability. The verification of quantum entanglement is considered for complex multi-partite scenarios. We also developed a numerical technique to verify non-Gaussian entanglement. Finally we consider general, space-time-dependent quantum correlations of light. Quantum correlations can be certified even when other signatures of quantumness fail.

About the Speaker:


1975 Diplom (physics), Universita¨t Jena

1980 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD), Universita¨t Jena

1986 Dr. sc. nat. (habilitation), Universita¨t Jena

1988 Facultas docendi (qualification for lectureship), Universita¨t Jena


1975–1979 Research assistent (PhD student), Department of Optics and Solid State Physics, Universit¨at Jena

1979–1989 Research associate (postdoc), Department of Quantum Physics, Universita¨t Jena

1983 Postdoctorial position, University of Leningrad, Russia

1989–1991 Docent of Theoretical Physics, College Gu¨strow

1991–1992 Docent of Theoretical Physics, Universit¨at Rostock

1992-present Professor of Theoretical Physics, Universit¨at Rostock