Optimizing codes for compressed ultrafast photography by the genetic algorithm

发布日期: 2018-07-19   作者:  浏览次数: 11

The compressed ultrafast photography (CUP) technique, providing the fastest receive-only camera so far, has shown to be a well-established tool to capture the ultrafast dynamical scene. This technique is based on random codes to encode and decode the ultrafast dynamical scene by a compressed sensing algorithm. The choice of random codes significantly affects the image reconstruction quality. Therefore, it is important to optimize the encoding codes. Here, we develop a new scheme to obtain the optimized codes by combining a genetic algorithm (GA) into the CUP technique. First, we measure the dynamical scene by the CUP system with random codes and obtain the dynamical scene image at each moment. Second, we use these reconstructed dynamical scene images as the optimization target and optimize the encoding codes based on the GA. Finally, we utilize the optimized codes to recapture the dynamical scene and improve the image reconstruction quality. We validate our optimization scheme by the numerical simulation of a moving double-semielliptical spot and the experimental demonstration of a time- and space-evolving pulsed laser spot.



1 自主研制压缩超高速成像CUP实验装置