Superadiabatic quantum friction suppression in finite-time thermodynamics

Sci. Adv. 4,5909(2018)
发布日期: 2018-07-19   作者:  浏览次数: 11

Optimal performance of thermal machines is reached by suppressing friction. Friction in quantum thermodynamics results from fast driving schemes that generate nonadiabatic excitations. The far-from-equilibrium dynamics of quantum devices can be tailored by shortcuts to adiabaticity to suppress quantum friction. We experimentally demonstrate friction-free superadiabatic strokes with a trapped unitary Fermi gas as a working substance and establish the equivalence between the superadiabatic work and its adiabatic value.




1 A)实验装置简图(B)实验所采用的局域透热驱动的量子绝热捷径操控方案示意图





2 量子热机绝热冲程的量子摩擦和对外做功的数据图。 A图数据表征绝热冲程的量子摩擦, B图表征系统对外做功情况。点为实验测量结果,实线为理论预测